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D’Âme Quiétude was born from the desire to share the invaluable knowledge of Yoga, which literally means UNION. First conceived as an abstract idea and a long-time dream, D’Âme Quiétude started to take shape in the southern hemisphere’s Andes region in Ecuador and has now traveled thousands of miles to arrive at the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France, inside the charming village of Salers. That is what we would call a big jump!

So if you are looking to improve your quality of life through self-awareness and energy transformation, this is your space!

D’Âme Quiétude exists to provide guidance to human beings that look learn to co- live with nature, community, and SPECIALLY THEMSELVES, in order to improve their quality of life through conscious movement, self-awareness, and inner transformation.

All of which exist within the practice of YOGA.

Our teaching techniques focus on three main points:

1. Conscious movement in the body.

2. Awareness and improvement of the quality of breath.

3. Inviting peaceful stillness (Quietude) within the mind.

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  1. Cormier-Salem

    Merci à Sheryl de nous faire partager son âme quiétude; elle a un incontestable sens de la communication, de la pédagogie et une belle énergie. Un grand merci pour tout ce qu’elle m’a apporté
    J’espère bien la retrouver début novembre. Quand le calendrier sera-t-il posté ?
    Namasté !

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